Wishing Well Nursery Fernbank

The Fernbank Nursery was established in January '1996, it is situated between Bingley and Gilstead on Crownest Road. The building is shared with the Sacred Heart Church but the Nursery is an independent, non denominational organisation. Renovation work was done on the building to convert from an old primary school, which had remained empty for a number of years. Each room is designed to be welcoming and secure. Large windows and high cellings ensure a light, spacious and versatile atmosphere. There are three secure outdoor areas; There is a playground, a large grossed area and a large play area. This area includes a large cushioned surface area and also our allotments. These are areas where the children grow fruit and vegetables which the cook then uses in the Nursery meals. Parents can use the car park at the rear of the building, allowing parents and children sate access to the Nursery. The main building consists of the Three plus room, a kitchen, office and laundry, there are two outside terrapins adjacent to the grasses areas where the `Tiny Steps' and `Walkers and Talkers' are situated. The rooms are accessed through their own security, with parents being greeted at the door by those who are familiar to both you and your child and once recognised can then gain entry into the room.