Ages and Stages 

We have 3 rooms in which we specially cater for various ages.Transition to each room may vary and depends on your child's development,moving children with friends and the size of the group the child will be moving into.
Ensuring that all children are properly catered for in all aspects.


Tiny Steps


The room caters for babies from the age of three months until they progress to the Walkers and Talkers room between the ages of 20-24 months. The room follows the early years foundation stage statutory framework. In 'Tiny Steps' we build a relationship with the young child. It is a stimulating room with lots of sensory experiences whether its through touch, sound, sight or taste. We aim to encourage physical, emotional, social and language development while all the time buliding up a child's self confidence. We monitor development in our record of achievements which are always open for parental viewing. The key person observes, assess and then plans for each childs development. We follow as much as possible you're routine for your baby. The room is split into areas for carpet or messy activities and cots and individual sleep beds for sleeps. Your child will have clean linen on the cot for every sleep. The meals are served in a group with children in high chairs or round the table to make sure everyone is included. There is lots of floor space for larger equipment, freedom to move around, whether it be crawling or walking! There is access to secure outdoor space on a daily basis and frequent 'pram walks' into thelocal area. The Tiny Steps Rooms have both their own milk kitchen and bathroom.


Walkers and Talkers

 This room caters for children from the age of 20-24 months up to the age of 3. lt also follows the Early Years Foundation Stage. It continues your child's` my learning picture' The child's key person plans for each child's individual needs taken from observation and assessments. The activities are set to help the children to explore and experience as many varied opportunities as possible, also building up the social interaction building on what the children have started in `Tiny Steps'. They are learning through play. 'Walkers and Talkers' comprises of active, quiet, creative and outdoor areas. The room provides continuous provision for some activities/experiences and children are also free to choose and access equipment. This room is large and flexible so  we can create a large area for activities or for rest times. If your child requires a sleep thy will have their own sleep bed. It also has its own bathroom where children can progress in their toilet training. There are accessible outdoor play areas and playing outside is an integral part of their own routine, so suitable clothing for all weathers is required!


Three Plus-pre school

This room caters for children from three years and can start around their third birthday or at the start of the term they are eligible for the Nursery Education Fund. The room continues with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and through observation, assessment and next steps helps each child to develop through the development matters at their own speed. This framework is then continued in reception class at school.

The room is another progression and extends the learning the children have already achieved. We cover all the areas of learning: personal and social,communication ,literacy,  maths, knowledge and understanding of the world and  physical development.

We have I Pads for children to use for educational games as well as cameras, tape recorders and printers for children to use for lTC skills. We also take children to places of interest and into the local community. The pre-school rooms are split up into areas so that children can play independently or as part of a small or large group. The room uses continuous provisions so enabling children to access a variety of resources and equipment to incorporate into their play. Areas of the rooms can be cleared to provide open spaces for larger equipment or games.There continues to be emphasis on accessing outdoor play with routines providing plenty of opportunities for outdoor experiences.